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Writing Portfolio

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Prose Samples

I Am The Black Widow

Unaware of coming death, a little girl on a dairy farm plays with marriage and ponders spiders.


When the betta fish die, Dad buries them. However, when the moon comes out, the kid sees their fish swim again, and wonders how they gained this paranormal vision.

Far Too Chipper for the Zombie Apocalypse

She's not the girl you imagine surviving the zombie apocalypse, but something is keeping her, and her friends, alive.


Published in The Lab Review: Volume 5 by the Columbia College Chicago Publication Lab

Interactive Narratives

The Fruit Market

The Fruit Market is a slice-of-life story about going to the market to buy some fruit for your aunt. Each time you visit, you can interact with different sellers to discover more about the world, and what brought you to this town.

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Voice in My Head

Voice in My Head is about Christopher, a man in his 20s trying to survive Thanksgiving. As the voice in his head, you help guide him. Who should he talk to? What should he say? Remember, Christopher is anxious and paranoid, and the way you talk to him can change the way he views his world, for better or worse.



Laila and Ryan talk on the phone, separated from each other on the camping trip that was supposed to save the relationship.

In October of 2019, "Disconnected" was accepted for the Columbia College Chicago event "Playwrights Aloud," a dramatic reading.

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Stories from the Oasis

Summer writes outlandish stories to entertain herself, but she doesn't know exactly where she's getting the ideas, if they're hers at all.

"Stories from the Oasis" will be a weekly serialized YA story, in a vertical webcomic style.

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The Wishing Stones

Two friends use "wishing stones" to make odd, maybe even selfish, wishes. When those wishes begin to alter the course of their lives, will they regret their choices?

"The Wishing Stones" is a short magical realism story, told in three episodes on the Webtoon platform.

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