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Game Design Portfolio

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Corbit - VR Experience

Corbit is a narrative VR experience. It takes place in a whimsical world in the center of the earth, where every cog has their purpose in the machine. Corbit aims to explore existential and environmental concepts in fun, hopeful and engaging way.


Playable on Oculus Quest and Quest 2. Download available on

Interactive Narratives

The Fruit Market

The Fruit Market is a slice-of-life story about going to the market to buy some fruit for your aunt. Each time you visit, you can interact with different sellers to discover more about the world, and what brought you to this town.

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Voice in My Head

Voice in My Head is about Christopher, a man in his 20s trying to survive Thanksgiving. As the voice in his head, you help guide him. Who should he talk to? What should he say? Remember, Christopher is anxious and paranoid, and the way you talk to him can change the way he views his world, for better or worse.

Meow Wolf Activations

Pop-up quests, games, and activities created for Meow Wolf's permanent installation in Denver, Convergence Station.

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