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The Panic Button

Dec. 2018

A flash fiction piece about Niala Prescott, a young baker who's fears of the bakery's Panic Button manifest into an unexpected and unfortunate reality. 


Published in The Lab Review: Volume 7  by the Columbia College Chicago Publishing Lab

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One Million Names for Cinderella

Jun. 2018

A short story about Danny, a young woman who is forced by unforeseen circumstances to visit an aunt in London. There she meets Ali, an obnoxious know-it-all who really does know it all, until she finds the one thing he doesn't.

Published in Stories Through The Ages: College Edition 2018 by Living Springs Publishers

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Far Too Chipper for the Zombie Apocalypse

Dec. 2017

A short story about Pamela, who's the not girl you imagine surviving the zombie apocalypse. Yet, her silly, chipper attitude may be the very thing keeping her, and her friends, alive.


Published in The Lab Review: Volume 5 by the Columbia College Chicago Publication Lab

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"I Know."

Jun. 2014

A novel about Summer, who thinks she knows what's real and what's fantasy, until a car crash and some new friends begin changing her mind.


Self-published on, to be sold to family and friends.

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Daisy of the Diamonds

Jun. 2013

A novel about Daisy, who's enjoying her time in paradise, until she realizes she's trapped, and alone. The world around her may be different than she thought, and she must learn to understand it if she hopes to escape.


Self-published on, to be sold to family and friends.

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