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Fall semester of 2020, Nina composed music and wrote lyrics for a short musical as part of a Writing Musical Theater class.

Nina has been writing and performing music since she was seven years old, which she attributes heavily to her musical family. Parents Doug and Linda Moldawsky are the lead members of the band Garden Variety, Linda is also a member of the band Phideaux, and brother Lukas Moldawsky is the independent electronic music artist Skyvo. For years Nina performed under the pseudonym LizzaTheAlien. 

"LizzaTheAlien" was an alien who'd come down from space to transmit her creative thoughts to the human species. This was Nina's stage persona from 2014--2017, which she created for fun, taking inspiration from artists like the Gorillaz. Nina doesn't perform as her anymore, but she does continue to write and produce music in her free time, sometimes incorporating it into larger projects such as musical productions.

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