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Interactive Media

Nina's interactive body of work is diverse and experimental, as she is exploring the range of possibilities within immersive media. She has written interactive stories on Twine, created immersive sculptures, and built an instrument.


Immersive Sculpture

Dive In

Dive into this otherworldly fishbowl--or look on from outside. This ocean is only as large or small as you make it. Created in Tiltbrush and uploaded to Google Poly.


An immersive, interactive art space built in an old treehouse in the backyard of Nina's childhood home. Once used for children's sleepovers and teenage writer's retreat, the small space provides a place for experimentation with interactive art.



Immersive Sculptures
Lyre complete.JPG

Designed and built a functional "viking ship" lyre as a final project for Science of Musical Instruments class. Design elements are still being improved.

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