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Innovating how meaningful stories are told.

Writing / UX / Game Design / Art
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Featured Project


You are the mechanic for whimsical machine in the center of the planet. Things keep breaking, but why?

A full narrative VR experience, published on

I am a Multi-Media Storyteller.


        My name is Nina Moldawsky. I call myself a multi-media storyteller because I am a writer, experience designer, game designer, and visual artist, who keeps narrative at the core of every project. I believe stories offer a space for people to learn and explore beyond the allowance of reality. Impactful stories can change the world for the better. I strive to tell stories that matter, and to innovate the way meaningful stories are told.


  • Prose

  • Interactive Narrative

  • Playwriting

  • Comics

UX Design

  • UX Research

  • Case Studies

  • Wireframes

  • UI & Graphics

Game Design

  • VR Experiences

  • Interactive Narrative

  • Meow Wolf Quests


Visual Art

  • Digital illustration & painting

  • Pet portraits

  • Character designs


Nine of All Trades

Official storefront for custom pet portraits, art commissions, and other art products.​

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